Walking Dead settlement found

Old jet fighter, center of town

In the previous posts I talked allot about isolation and prisons, well, because it feels like that for me right now. I am on a small tug near the town of Stephenville, in western Newfoundland. We are docked at the site of the old pulp mill, abandoned a few years ago. 

I was coming back from town the other day, after paying the cab driver his $30 for the “grand tour”, I could not help to think that I had found the inspiration for the TV series, The Walking Dead.

You see the town of Stephenville is actually a former US military base, the Ernest Harmon Air Force Base. Newfoundland was, not that long ago, part of Britain. The Brits, needing military assets from the US, in exchange made a deal to let the US establish numerous bases in Newfoundland.
Hope you like scenery, cuz there ain't much else
Well, at least its big
When Newfoundland joined confederation, it became part of Canada, and the US eventually left the military bases, at least in Stephenville, pretty much as they had built it.

The town has the charming, if not utilitarian, looks of the military, and makes quite a sight. The center piece of the town, is the giant runway of the former base, literally the pride of the town, despite the fact that no national air carrier lands here.

One of the main roads into town, Carolina Avenue, is actually part of the abandoned tarmac,and runs pass the numerous World War 2 era airplane hangars, in various states of disrepair. A munition bunker is still quite visible down on Missouri Drive. You see, most of the town’s streets are named after US states. 

That about covers it. One stop shopping, take that Costco !
World domination, right from NFLD
On Indiana Drive, you’ll find one of the two story utilitarian rectangles, adorned with campy ”southern” columns; that's the former base’s headquarters.

The other rectangles, stereotypical barracks, have been turned into rental housing. One of the former barracks has been turned into a hotel; a new definition of a boutique hotel - take that Toronto!

Now, I am here in the middle of a long winter, its slippery, there is lots of snow, and it’s cold. So people are bundled to the hilts, and slow moving. Trying to speak with all those layers on, only result in mumbling and groans.

Stephenville, or Walking Dead set?
As a fan of TV show, The Walking Dead, and other zombie shows, the sight of Stephenville, old abandoned military base and its “wandering” locals, is just priceless.

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