Missing link(s)

Another day in Newfoundland, another blizzard
Yes, I am back online, after a brief one week stint at home, from a salvage job in Ontario back in early January, I’ve been dispatched clear across the country, to Newfoundland. The first time I’ve spent any time
Designated onboard smoking area
in this far flung place, unfortunately, the near constant blizzards and remoteness of the dock has meant little sightseeing. The boat is really old and leaks, water was dripping from the deck head, and onto my laptop frying the keyboard.

Then to make matters worse, the vessel’s superintendent has “forbidden” us to use the “Rocket Stick”, our cell link to the internet- my only link to the outside world – too expensive. I guess he’s trying to pad his bonus. Despite all these challenges, I was able to order a new keyboard from Amazon.

Keyboard damage culprit identified
The new keyboard, amazingly, did make it to the security shack of the port, and fit perfectly in my laptop. But in continuing with my bad luck, turns out, some of the keys do not work, due to a manufacturer defect. I got my money back, but given my current situation, it’s been frustrating to get any blog post out. So after three weeks here, I have been able to engineer some “work arounds” to my problems, and hopefully I am able to offer some interesting insight.

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