Back on dry land

Sailor's Xmas
Had all the intentions of doing a quick follow up blog entry, but internet was incredibly spotty on our way to Duluth and going back to Nanticoke; must have been all the iron ore in the cargo holds. Well, I am back home in BC now, getting re-acquainted with the family. Taking down Christmas lights and decoration; I put them up a day or two before I left at the beginning of December, and just took them down yesterday. Probably the longest time I've ever had them up, yet only saw them about a total of five days. Ahhhhh, life at sea. Barely stepped ashore during the full six weeks aboard, felt a bit isolated. On the plus side, missed most of the flu.

I did manage to update the main website, and uploaded it a few days ago, which I hope you will enjoy. Many new reports and articles. Including an original and lengthy one on upgrading a certificate of competency in Canada, and why its so very challenging. I will make another blog post on this later.