Desgagnes Officers on strike... sort of

MV Sarah Desgagnes in Montreal
Desgagnes Tanker division is under strike action by it's shipboard officers, engineers and navigators.

Desgagnes is a well known Canadian shipping company, based out of Quebec City. They operate a mix fleet of bulkers, roros, general cargo, heavy lift and tankers in the Eastern Arctic trade, down into the Great Lakes, and all point in between.

The tankers division, known as Petronav, and based out of Montreal, operates primarily in the central Canadian market - St Lawrence, the Great Lakes, and Atlantic Canada - although they have one tanker in international trade.

I believe the strike started last week, but you will find very few people aware of the situation, strangely enough.  Sources say that the officers represented by the Canadian Merchant Service Guild (aka The Guild) are looking for significant wage increases, while the company is only offering wages increases matching inflation rates. Word on the street, as long been that Desgagnes' wages for engineers are considered low, compared to other operators, so this blogger is not surprise at the demand.

Engineers aboard Desgagnes tankers were, until early 2011, represented by the Canadian Marine Officers Union (CMOU), but they have now moved representations to the Guild. 

 The tankers in the fleet, and how they are affected...
Desgagnes and CMSG's websites are lacking any formal announcements and notices. Emails to the Guilds for clarifications have gone unanswered.

Pictures by M. Leduc,
MV Vega Desgagnes in Montreal

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