Fall is here, now get to work !

Whoooaaa what a long time between posts! A whole month.

Yes, the later part of the summer in BC was absolutely gorgeous, which went very well with all the family activities that occurred during my last time off - weddings, BBQs, birthday parties, road trip, etc. These websites are of course my hobby, so unfortunately for my regular visitors, that meant a lack of new stuff, here especially.

Well, the kids are back in schools now, and I caught the "red eye" flight to Quebec City a few days ago, joining the ship, for a load of Jet Fuel to Montreal. The weather is certainly allot cooler here, then when I left in mid august, which is welcomed and refreshing. I did not neglect the entire site during my last month home. I got a chance to upload a new update on the main site just last week, do have a look, especially if you are a fan a of Detroit Diesel; I uploaded an article of their history in the Historical area.

You might noticed some unusual formatting this time, I recently purchase a new web authoring software and I just learned enough to get the update "out the door". I hope to learn more, soon, and rebuild the site to a modern standard - frames just don't cut it! My old software was just getting too buggy and causing me lots of headaches; unfortunately that means an extra tax on my time to learn the new program, so don't be surprise by the lack of new stuff aboard.

Enjoy the fall season.