Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pistons seek Independence

You know you're having a interesting day, when a piston of your engine, winds up going through a nearby roof. Such was the case with Canadian National locomotive 2699, when it was going through the Louisiana town of Independence, earlier this year.

The Dash 9-44CW locomotive is built by GE Transportation Systems based in Erie, Pennsylvania, and features a 4,400 horsepower, V16 turbocharged diesel engine, known as the GE7FDL16. Seems one of those 16 power packs decided to fail, sending the cylinder head airborne into a yard, and the piston crashing through a roof and lodging into the wall of the nearby house. The series of pictures below illustrate the damage.

Right, is a picture of GE's 7FDL16 engine, removed from a locomotive.


Anonymous said...


BilgeRat said...

You know, I've heard of this happening several times in the past, but always chalked it up to urban legend. Sheesh!

Brian said...

Houston, we have lift off!

Too Late said...

I am looking to buy GE 7FDL16 (B11)
Thanks. Nadir Osman

The amazing Shrinking man said...

i have seen a GE engine do this in the early 1970's but that was caused by workshop forman(New Zealand rail Otahuhu diesel depot) getting a stilson caught in the fuel rack . The engine took off and started running on it's own oil... we were evacuated from the shop as it filled up with smoke and then BOOOM,it sent engine parts in all drirections for up to 150 feet. The engine was brand new.

Rod O'Donnell said...

I have only broken conrods and similar on engines I have been driving. Once I managed to put a broken rail through the roof of a loco just behind my fireman's seat.