A new Legacy continues

I saw this little bit of "news" the other day. Chevron Canada is replacing its venerable fuel dock in Coal Harbour with a new one. There isn't too many towboaters on the coast who have not the had to stop, and pick up some half million liters (or so), of diesel, from Ron Graham's Chevron Fuel Dock, sitting, lonely, between Stanley Park and the tall buildings of the downtown core. Then again, that could be partly because there are just so very few fuel docks left on the coast.

I have stopped there on numerous occasion while working on the Capt Bob. Being the biggest tug boat boat on the coast, she also had a voracious appetite as well, so we always had to call ahead, to make sure the rather small dock had enough fuel and oil for us.

Chevron Canada awarded the contract in September 2008 to Ketchikan based Alaska Ship & Drydock, located in southern Alaska. Work started in March 2009, and the barge was officially delivered to the owners, December 1st, 2009, with the state's governor in attendance.

The design is not "avant garde" by any stretch of the imagination, but I am sure it will be a welcome relief to the crew, who have been babying along the old barge for some time. Customers like the Capt Bob will surely appreciate the larger capacity of the barge, now at 1,250,000 liters capacity, double that of its predecessor. Chevron Legacy is going to take up a long standing tradition, dating back to 1935, providing fuel in Vancouver's busy harbour. The Chevron Legacy measures 35 meters long, by 18 meters wide, by 4.5 deep - and I see they kept that massive bright blue Chevron sign on top.

Pictured above is the new Chevron Legacy, from internet sources. The other two above, are from my collection. Taken in 2008, is Island Tug and Barge's Arctic Tugger, ex Canmar Tugger, having just completed fueling up at the "old" Chevron fuel dock in Coal Harbour, (Vancouver) BC.

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