GOC Cancels New Vessel Acquisitions

Late on Friday the Canadian Government released a bombshell that the Navy's project to replace the aging supply ships has been cancelled. Also cancelled is the Coast Guard's tender to build 12 midshore patrol vessels.
This is fairly staggering news. Millions have been spent in the planning, design and the now aborted acquisition of the ships.
Instead of buying, say one supply vessel and eight CG patrol vessels which would give the organizations at least something new to work with, every scrap of work done has been swept off the table. Shades of the Polar 8.
Both the Navy and CG engineers will have to treat their aging vessels with even more tender loving care, because only God knows when they will be replaced. In the age of the shrinking budgets and raising costs, how long can the old ships be sent to sea safely?
Next question is, if we can't afford to build a 30m vessel, how the heck are we suppose to build new icebreakers to protect our interest in the Canadian Arctic.


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