Queen of Oak Bay TSB Report Released

The TSB has finally released their report into the grounding of the Queen of Oak Bay.
The ship lost propulsion on June 30, 2005, while approaching her berth at Horseshoe Bay. The vessel struck 28 pleasure craft berthed in the adjacent marina before running aground.

It is the classic example of a loose nut leading to a damaged ship.

I was questioned about this as a very young engineer on my first ship by the Second, "What is the most important Nut on the ship?". After several guesses on my part, he answered,"the loose one, of course" (Thank You, Karl, I never forgot).

In this case it was on the governor main engine governor linkage.

Find the report here, http://www.tsb.gc.ca/en/reports/marine/2005/m05w0111/m05w0111.pdf