Transport Canada's Website from Hell

This is more of a vent.

I have just spent more hours then I care to think, researching Potable Water Guidlines on the site from Hell.
As part of my job, I usually have to do this several times a month on different Regulatory items. As usual it is an exercise in frustration.
Take potable water for meanders through several different Federal Government sites-all with a different structure and look.
You find a snippet in I think CSA, (I haven't been able to find it again and I never marked the page) another bit in MOSH which is under the Labour Code, another bit in the Justice Department site: Potable Water Regs for Common Carriers and finally in the Health Canada site:The Multi-Barrier Approach to Safe Drinking Water.

Of course TC links to the other Federal departments, but to their home page which means you have to search through the second site's pages as well for the required information.

Now that I spent 10 minutes ( Hunt and Peck typing) on the blog, I should get back to the potable water issue.