UK's MCA offers free Health Guides

19 July 2007

Are you easily irritated? Do you have limited concentration and feel tired all the time? The Maritime & Coastguard Agency recognises these as some of the signs associated with seafarers suffering from fatigue, and has today published two guides highlighting fatigue in seafarers and how to manage it.

Your Health at Sea 4 - Fatigue in Seafarers Safety management at Sea 6 - Managing Fatigue in Seafarers. Copies are available free of charge from the Agency's distributors EC Group
Tel.0845 603 2431.

The guides are intended to raise both awareness of fatigue, and to assist Seafarers and managers in the Maritime Industry to improve their fatigue management skills, in order to ensure safe operations. The guides explain what fatigue is, and contain some useful tips and best practice guidance for both recognising and reducing the problem.

Sharon Judge, Deputy Manager from the Seafarer Health and Safety Branch at the Agency said:
"MCA appreciates the problems with fatigue at sea and the potential negative impact on both operational safety and the individual well being of the seafarer".

Our aim is that these guides will assist seafarers and managers to recognise the signs and symptoms of fatigue, and educate them about taking steps to avoid and reduce fatigue.