Bear Facts

I was having a coffee with a friend yesterday and he pulled out the Algoma newsletter "Bear Facts" to show me a picture and ask me if I knew the engineer.

That got my interest up and I flipped through the 16 page publication.
From it, I learned that a friend who I haven't seen in years, daughter won a scholorship and is heading off to University. Other then the fact that it instantly made me feel my age, I thought it was great that recognition was given to the daughters accomplishment.

There were pictures of crew receiving service awards, new hires, promotions, certificate upgrades and so on. This may seem like a small thing, but I would think that a little publication like this would be a great tool for crew morale, a bit of recognition for people who rarely have any such as the cook featured on Page 11.

So, kudos to Algoma spending the time and money to produce this publication (what is more amazing it is on glossy paper) and I wish my organization would take note of it.