Mansbridge in the Arctic

It is a week for the CG in the news apparently.

Peter Mansbridge is enroute to Resolute to the CCGS Louis S St Laurent. He will be broadcasting from the vessel as she transits to Coppermine. Keep an eye out for the National.

If you have never been to the Arctic or on an icebreaker, it will be worth watching. The Louis is currently the largest ship in the CG fleet as she has been for the last 40 years. She was originally designed as a steam turbine ship, construction started in 1965 and she was launched in 1969.
In the late 80's the vessel was extensively modernized with a diesel electric plant installed and a new design icebreaking bow. In 2000 new, more efficient propellers were installed.
I checked the CG website and was disappointed to see they have absolutely no details on the ship's general constuction and propulsion posted.