The Ecstasy and the Agony

I had to take a picture of this picture montage found at the Seafarer's Mission in the Port of Galveston. Pretty dramatic pictures showing the realities of most seafarers on a daily basis.

The caption reads...

"Carnival Cruise Line ship Ecstasy had been operating out of the Port of Galveston since October of 2004. On September 6, 2005, she was contracted by FEMA following Hurricane Katrina to serve as temporary shelter for Louisiana evacuees and was relocated to a few days later to New Orleans to house emergency personnel. On September 24, New Orleans was again in the direct path of another Huricane. As Huricane Rita made its way towards land, the Ecstasy and Carnival Senssation were directed out to sea to ride out the storm. These photographs were taken by the crew of the Sensation as the Ecstasy was battered by Huricane Rita.

Thankfully both ships made it safely to New Orleans."

The photographer is not mentioned.