Queen of the North video released by TSB

The CBC is running a pretty good piece as of the state of affairs regarding the Queen of the North. BC Ferries hired an operation to survey the ship lying in more than 400 meters of water in BC's Inside Passage. The TSB has the video footage of the wreck taken from the minisub, (pictured credit to the CP organization) and has today released a clip of it. The clip doesn't show much other than what appears to be the stern of the ship with the name and port of registry clearly visible. What it shows is circled on the picture to the right.

No crew members have come out and spoken in public, but a retired captain has been quite vocal in the local media. I believe his take is pretty reasonable, and of course, is based on much experience at the helm of that exact boat doing the same run, and therefore should not be taken lightly.

The Ferry Worker's Union boss, Jackie Miller, is upset about those "speculative comments" about the accident calling those rumours and such made from "armchair navigators". She was "insenced" about hearing rumours that the ship was on autopilot at the time of the accident. Those of us who have worked on the coast, know very well that fish boats to large ships are often on autopilot, just like planes, doesn't mean a course change cannot be made while operating on autopilot. So I guess a "way to go" is in order, standing up for the officers component... for once... but I believe its more traditional saber rattling, more than anything.

The lawsuits have already started, "open ended" class action lawsuit has been filed citing negligence, apparently, although BC Ferries is not confirming it yet, the lawsuit that is.

Aaaaahhh the lawyers. No wonder nothing is being said; give the vultures something to grab onto. But has time goes by, it is becoming apparent that the ferry was off course, probably on autopilot and hit Gill Island. Two persons were on the bridge, although it seems policy, that when in Grenville Channel, there should be three, but then again they were not in Grenville Channel...

The sad part remains, is that two people are now presume dead, as a result of the accident, and that should not be taken lightly either. One can only go back and say, thanks god it wasn't during the busy tourist season! With 700 souls onboard. Now that would have been a tremendous tragedy, with mostlikely dire consequences for the BC Ferry company.

The story continues...

Martin Leduc