53 19N 129 13.5W

53 19N 129 13.5W is the aproximate resting place of the Queen of the North and it's two lost souls.

I continue to follow up on the stroy as it is quite interesting. The most interesting thing I
found today is that BC Ferries has pulled the "Our Fleet" listing for the Queen of the North from the main corporate website. I am not sure it means, if anything, but it sure seems pretty quick. Usually company website are not the fastest at updating, or maybe they were just tired of seeing the same piture on the news media of the ship.

In my travels I have come
accross several very good website offering some insightfull comments about the ship and the accident.

The accident from the Union's Website, good pics, visualization and gathering of media data.
A personal webpage of John Gilliat a performer with lots of pictures inside the ship.
Some historical comments and timeline from wesctcoastferries.ca