MV APL Panama Still Aground

Antigua & Barbuda flag, 40,306gt. M/V APL Panama grounded on sand Dec 25 while inbound to the Port of Ensenada in clear conditions. Reports are that the Master did not wait for a Pilot before continuing. My guess is his next job will be the Unemployment line.

As of today, the ship is still hard aground and attempts have failed to tow her off. Work continues to offload the ship to lighten her and a mini-city has sprung up on the beach.

Photos and further info can be viewed at the site below-scroll about halfway down to see them. They are really amazing!

Edited on Jan 23 to add this little tidbit from the page:

"Jan. 20 -- Work Continues
It is learned that draft is 12mt. where red & black paint meet. at 2mt. to water - with 1.5mt. of water at the vessel & 8.5mt. of ship in sand. Geeez! Perhaps M/V APL Panama is better m
ade a permanent resort. "

Bolding is mine.

8.5 meters buried-holy crap! This could be the newest resort in the area.

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